Who we are

We are a registered group of 41 smallholder dairy farmers based in Phobjikha Valley in central Bhutan on a mission to bring impact to our community.
Mission: To ensure guaranteed fair returns on their dairy products by eliminating middlemen inefficiency.
Vision: A community of men, women and children economically empowered by a fair dairy trade.

Our Core Model

Our business model is designed with smallholder dairy farmers in mind with a deep commitment to ensuring fair price on their milk. In addition, we realize that as a supply chain, proper linking the components is critical. That is why we are developing a business model where our member farmers can easily access the market through the group’s services as shown in our linkage diagram.

Partnerships and Support | | Where  We Are

Khemdro Dairy Group is building a comprehensive Public-Private Partnership model to maximize our impact. The Local Government of Phobjikha Valley, and the District Livestock Department of Wangdue District are our key partners. Currently, we have a US$21,000 grant from the Livestock Department which will allow us to construct our central milk processing facility.

However, that leaves Khemdro Dairy Group with a supply system in which the various parts are not linked at all, as shown by the grayed-out components in our linkage diagram.
This is a huge problem for us...
And that is why we are now looking to raise US$50,000 in seed funding to invest in the grayed-out components .

• Women at the Center

When it comes to dairy farming in Phobjikha, there is an implicit rule of thump: women do it all - from milking, selling the products to buyers, and fortunately, to keeping the money from the sales as well.
By ensuring reliable market access along with guaranteed minimum price on their dairy milk, Khemdro Dairy Group helps them increase their earnings from an average of U$35 per month to as much as U$80 per month- an almost 130% increase!

• What is this?

To turn our plans and projections into actual impact, Khemdro Dairy Group needs to raise US$50,000 in seed money to cover the upfront costs of filling in the grey boxes in our supply chain.
To that end, we are planning to launch a fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo in early February, 2018.
But before that, we have so many things we would like you - and your friends (i.e. the world in general) to discover about us! Hence, this website...

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